The spirit of the craftsman focusing on the nose

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Malay, 4 plate 32 spindle winding set of hard core section head, 2011 years into the framatome, he by virtue of the spirit of hard study and down-to-earth attitude, learning and mastering the business skills needed for this position. He is at the forefront of the production of safety, at the forefront of technological breakthrough, at the forefront of quality improvement, writing extraordinary experiences in ordinary posts.

We got the weight

"Newly introduced 4 plate 32 ingot winding machine, you learn to operate to see if can take down?" "Asked the man.

"Dry? How?" The Malay army was thinking.

"Dry, not only dry, but dry," the Malay army accepted the challenge.

2015, framatome introduced four plate 32 spindle winding machine, in the face of new production technology and advanced production equipment, he keep on learning, study hard technology, actively communicate with the equipment manufacturer, understand equipment performance, quickly mastered all kinds of production skills. Early equipment operation, the production technology and equipment to perform constantly break-in, he read a lot of technical data, at the scene read operation, unceasingly summarizes the equipment operation and production data, sometimes working 16 hours continuously, with the operation of the master of a large number of data, combined with years of experience in the VP machine and production data, solves the problems one after another, "Montana" became the winding machine technology.

Keep improving

"A broader market is more than 70 jins, axis and spindle to 15 kg, replace the four tray at the same time, and a 128 spools and 128 spindle, at the same time for each spool thread tension test, so the workflow sometimes to replace three times a day." Workers say.

For a unit of 3 people, the change of equipment of 2000 jin is really a test. But the Malay army knows that the quality is the life of the enterprise, the quality is the foundation of the survival of the enterprise, ensuring the production quality is the responsibility of every worker. He lean production in strict accordance with the requirements of each process single matching products confirmed that the matching suitable core, insist on each specification change the market and the scheduled type wheel, prevent careless, manage, don't care about the phenomenon. According to statistics winding 32 ingot units have never experienced quality problems due to operational problems.

The innovation and effect

In the process of production, Malay army is good at discovering and solving problems, actively communicating with technical personnel, using "small change leather" to continuously improve product quality and consolidate lean production base. He found in the production process, often have wire shaving, through careful observation, wire type after scheduled round into the line device, because the device is cast iron, can't do absolutely smooth, wire shave phenomenon occurs frequently. Through analysis and research, discuss with technical personnel communicate unceasingly, decided at the back of the line device increase stainless steel circular expanders, by adjusting the Angle into line to avoid wire shave, to ensure the quality of products, improve product percent of pass. It is understood that he has successively participated in the technological experiments of 4-63, 6-63, 4-76 and other large-caliber tubular bodies successively. (submitted by donghua heavy industry jintong rubber co., LTD.)